"Dogs have taken our planet. The only way out is UP."

Hey there! You're just in time!

Luneko (LUNE) is a new peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with a fixed supply!  Only 18,400,000 Lune are in circulation, initialized from the contract deployment.

Buy on Camelot DEX

Why Buy Luneko?

Wholly Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

LUNE is fully peer-to-peer and tradeable via DEX (decentralized exchange). Each user of LUNE is a co-owner of the Luneko ecosystem.

There are a lot of Luneko.

There are 18,400,000 to be precise! The relatively  low number is both an homage to a long-time cryptocurrency project and a means to allow the project to have some breathing room. With a conservative and capped supply, opportunities for growth are orders of magnitude more present.

$LUNE does not include a team presale or dev fund: Its progress is beholden solely to community involvement. Due to prohibitively expensive gas fees at the time of launch, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was chosen as the network backbone for this token over Ethereum. Since, the development of Layer 2 Chains has alleviated this issue, and LUNE has migrated to Arbitrum One.

How to buy $LUNE

Step 1: Install Metamask for Chrome or another ETH-compatible browser wallet.

This includes wallets like the official Mathwallet! If you already have these, you're good to go!

Send ETH to Metamask on the Arbitrum One network

Send ETH to your new Metamask wallet from your existing wallet. If your current ETH is not on
the Arbitrum One network you MUST bridge it first! Failure to do so will transfer your funds to your destination wallet on its native chain. https://bridge.arbitrum.io/ is the official Arbitrum bridge. After receiving your ETH, you can convert it to wrapped ETH using your DEX of choice. The contract address for Wrapped Ether on Arbitrum One is: 0x82aF49447D8a07e3bd95BD0d56f35241523fBab1

Connect your Metamask wallet to Camelot DEX

Our launching point is Camelot! It's a decentralized exchange for purchasing and trading on the Arbitrum chain. Visit Camelot (https://app.camelot.exchange/) and insert the token contract into the exchange search bar: 0xAcD1cAeF47E4c47BafE8a51B3F4305Fc38203b7A

Exchange your ETH for $LUNE

You're ready to go! Set your slippage (optimally around 3%) and swap the amount of wETH you'd like for your intended amount of $LUNE. Welcome aboard!

Trusted Arbitrum-Compatible Wallets

Mission Goals: Phase 1

.Site Launch
500 Users

Mission Goals: Phase 2

1,000 Users
Initial CATS mint
First Community Town Hall

Mission Goals: Phase 3

2,500 Users
Marketing Promotion
CMC/CG Listing

Mission Goals: Phase 4

All Major Aggregate Listings
5,000 Users
100K USD Daily Volume
Zodiac CATS promotion

Mission Goals: Phase 5

10,000 Users
$2M+ Market Cap
Pawswap.finance Demo
Centralized Exchange Listing


Luneko (LUNE) is the name for the ERC-20 token contract on the Arbitrum One network and the individual units of its 18,400,000 token supply. The luneko.co team has no affiliation with the Floraverse team or artists beyond the name “Luneko” being utilized in both projects.

The creatures depicted on this website exist as art assets for the “★CATS” ERC-721 Ethereum token and are “★CATS” All artwork on this website was created by an anonymous illustrator with the express permission to use for this project and is not a product of Floraverse author Ash Hazel Woods.

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